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Just the things you’ve been looking for!

At A Touch Above, we carry items to make your life more comfortable.

Gift Certificates - available in any amount you choose. Gift certificates will be mailed to you. ***Please note our new prices as of 12/2016***

Please note our new prices as of 12/2016

Microwaveable Hot Packs - These wonderful hot packs have been a hit every fall/winter season. Get a large neck/back/shoulder one; wonderfully soothing during the cold months or anytime you experience muscular pain. Also use it on your lap while reading or watching TV or to prewarm your bed during cold weather.   $35.

Dr. Jay’s Just Relax – Neck & Shoulder Tension Relaxer.  These are the same ones sold at that fancy store in the mall, only $5 less. Price: $30