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Rusty's Therapeutic Massage in Knoxville


A Touch Above Massage offers a wide range of professional and relaxing massage services for Knoxville, TN, plus if you are visiting the Knoxville area, please call and schedule an appointment for a more relaxing stay.

We also offer massage support services for athletes ~ local or traveling.

Whatever your reason for massage, you can deal with it here. A Professional Massage Therapist will always respect your modesty, right to privacy and make you feel comfortable, in every way possible.  From the music that is played to the temperature in the room, every effort to help you relax will be made, even if you are there for a strictly “therapeutic” massage. After all, we can’t heal if we can’t relax our bodies.

As always, each massage is individualized for the person and can be area specific based upon your needs.

Margaret “Rusty” Lavery, LMT
A Touch Above Therapeutic Massage
3324 South Cir. Knoxville, TN
On the East side of Alcoa Highway, between Maloney & Ginn Roads

To schedule an appointment call (865) 384-9055.

Chair Massage

Chair (seated) massage is a great alternative to table massage. Performed fully clothed, with the client sitting on an ergonomically designed chair, the therapist has access to the clients neck, shoulders, back, arms and head. Great for group massages! Wedding or Baby Showers, business meetings and conventions, sports teams, any gathering that you can imagine! This type of massage is ideal for the workplace. Taking up little space, it is very quiet and can even be done right next to another employee still working. For parties, this is great to settle the “pre-wedding” jitters or to “thank” the entire wedding party.

Can’t find the time right now for a massage? Why not talk to your boss about having a “Seated Massage” day at work? Studies have shown results of getting a 10 to 15 minute seated massage at work to be increased alertness, accuracy and job satisfaction, as well as to help cut down on absenteeism and illness.  This is a win-win for everyone.

Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage is a gentle treatment employing the use of suction cups. Almost a “reverse massage,” it works by bringing blood toward the outer surfaces of the body, helping to nourish and hydrate the muscles and other soft tissue and move lymph. These cups can be used on areas that are almost too sensitive to touch and have wonderful results.

Out Call Massage
Sometimes referred to as “On-Site” massage, this is when we bring our table, linens, bolsters, essential oil and creme to your location. Great for that special occasion:  birthday, holiday, traveling. Mileage restrictions apply. See Fees Below.

Table Massage – Keeping you healthy
Getting massaged while lying on a table is the ultimate in massage. You can utterly relax, even sleep, while the therapist proceeds to work out the kinks in your neck, the knots in your muscles and the general stress in your entire body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is one of our specialties. The particular technique used here is called: “Ashiatsu” (Ashi=foot, atsu=pressure). By using her feet, the therapist is able to use her weight to apply a more even, firm pressure throughout the entire massage. This distributes the pressure over a larger surface, and the compressive strokes “milk” the muscles, increasing the circulation and improving the flow of lymph in the tissues.


Relax.  Rejuvenate.  Renew.
Maybe you just want to escape to a wonderful, stress free place. A one-hour vacation, free from ringing phones, children – the world! Float off into a fantasy land while we soothe away all the tension of regular life.  Leave feeling uplifted and calm. A specialty massage offered is the “Facelift Massage”. Men and women both love the products, the massage, the hot moist towels … need I say more?

Sports Massage

Whatever your Sport – you’ll notice the results! Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, muscles are our business! We can limber you up for the next marathon, work the stress out of your pitching arm, ease those calves for the tennis court or tweak that low back for the links. Whatever your muscular ache, we will work to alleviate it and refer you out if we can’t help. Hockey, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, weights, running or any other sport, Rusty can help you achieve more comfort and better results using her massage techniques.


In Office Pricing:
Normal business hours: 10 AM – last appointment taken at 7 PM By appointment only.

Table Massage:         60 Minutes – $85          90 Minutes – $115

Facelift Massage:      45 Minutes – $70

Chair Massage:           15 minutes – $20 – on-site only (eg: your worksite), 2 hour minimum, plus $30 travel fee. Chair Massage: Ideal for public places since no clothing is removed.
This massage can be brought to your office, church, meetings or home.
Quiet & unobtrusive, it takes little space and can be done in a public area.
Knoxville area only.

*Preferred rates for all day sessions – multiple therapists available on request.

Out Call Massage Pricing:
For massage at your office, home or hotel: Table or Floor Massage        60 minutes – $150
Available within an approximate 10 mile radius of the office
Includes:  SOUTH to the McGee Tyson Airport area
WEST out to Cedar Bluff Road
NORTH to Merchant’s Road
EAST to Downtown Knoxville